Planting the Village Orchard
On Saturday March 17th 2012, families from Rhydymwyn along with members of FORV
with the help of Rhian Hughes from North Wales Wildlife Trust
and Simon and Rachel Farr from The North East Wales Orchard Initiative ,
planted 41 trees on the Donkey Field for the new Village Orchard Project
The trees were provided by NWWT with funding from the Welsh Government
Simon gave a talk about the trees and instructions on how to plant them
For more information about Simon and Rachel and their work with orchards  you can contact them at
Email: or visit their website
I am grateful to Pip and Tony Perry  , Douglas Watts
and Martin and Sue Sawyer for their pictures of the Orchard Planting Day
On Saturday 11th June 2016
a beautiful new bilingual information
display board was unveiled in the
community orchard

Some of the families who planted
the original trees in 2012
After the unveiling, advice was given
on pruning and aftercare of the young
trees by John Purchase
The board was unveiled by
John White representing
Cilcain Community Council
and Pip Perry representing FORV
I am grateful to Malcom Down for his
pictures of the unveiling ceremony