Waen Y Brodlas Kilns
Moel Y Gaer
The information on this page was taken from Rural Walks in
produced by The Flintshire Countryside Service
Halkyn Mountain
Halkyn Mountain is an Urban
Common which means you can walk
freely across it, however extreme care
should be taken near old mine
workings as The Common is covered
with vertical mine shafts in various
stages of repair.
Please report any re-opened shafts to
the Grosvenor Estate Office
-01244 684400
Parking is available at Rhosemor
Village Hall ,in the layby at Berth Ddu
or at one of the pubs with the
landlords permission.
The mountain is dotted with the remains of small early quarries and limekilns where crushed limestone was burned to produce lime
for building mortar and fertiliser.

2-There is a single lime kiln at Waen y Gaer and

3-An old quarry and kiln near to Rhes y Cae.

The large kilns at Waen Brodlas produced lime that set underwater and was used for building docks and bridges.
5-Massive Pant Y Pwll Dwr quarry is one of three working quarries that are all fully mechanised.

6 A small tin shack and an area of levelled ground are all that remain of Pen Y Bryn Mine one of the largest Halkyn lead mines.

7-Pen y Ball Monument was erected in 1893 to commmemorate the marriage of the Duke of York who was then heir to the throne.
Pen Y Ball was an important medieval smelting'bole'. Early lead smelting took place near the mines in shallow holes-boles-
dug on high ground where they were exposed to high winds