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The children and parents were asked if the project had been a success and their answer was a resounding YES!!
And when they were asked if the project will run again in 2009? DEFINITELY!

The work produced by the children will be on permanent display in the Interpretation Centre

If you want details of the next project when it comes out please contact Sue Grundy on  
Sue Grundy, secretary of FORV and project
organiser said,“We thought this would be a
lovely way to celebrate the work of the
children and advertise the nature reserve.
There is a lot more happening there than
people realise and the reserve is an
excellent resource for artwork
of all kinds for all ages.

In addition to the giant lantern sculptures of
willow and tissue paper created with artist
Andrea Davies, the children have learnt how
to mix pastels and inks to create large
panels representing wildlife found on the
reserve. They observed examples of wildlife
and created stoneware models and made an
environment to present them in".

NEWW education officer Jacinta Challenor
created a huge mosaic. Jacinta said, “ as
NEWW have been managing the site now for
five years I wanted to celebrate the event by
making a lasting record. The mosaic shows
which creatures you are likely to see on site
at different times during the day. It was a
tricky piece but the children were great".

FORV member Jen Jones took the children
for a walk around the reserve and created
collages from natural resources around
them. Jen said, “I love the work of Andy
Goldsworthy so I wanted the children to use
their creativity to produce work from the
materials they found in the woods with some
amazing results!”
FORV Art in Nature Week  2008